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Full Moon & 1 Month Anniversary!

August 15th marked the completion of the first month of my journey in Siem Reap. To be honest, I had been feeling pretty low-spirited before this date. Making friends in Siem Reap has been DIFFICULT. Everyone I meet is here on vacation and really want to take advantage of the infamous Pub Street. Because I have to be up early for work, I am only in Pub Street for dinner and sweets but make my way home as everyone is getting ready to start partying.

Pub Street


August 15th was not only the one month anniversary of my journey but, it also was a full moon. Dalila and I decided to attend a Full Moon workshop at Sugar (a Spa/Yoga lounge). This was one of our greatest ideas yet! This workshop was focused on empowering ourselves as women and as individuals. I met some amazing women who shared their beautiful life stories and advice. Although I am not someone who is very into astrology, I learned a lot and it has now peaked my interest! We did some rituals to embrace the full moon such as burning things we would like to leave in the past and writing things down that we wish for ourselves.


Burning everything I need to leave behind!

Eva is the owner of Sugar! We got along so well & she really enjoyed my story that she has invited me to speak on her panel: SUGAR TALKS (like Ted Talks) in October!

As usual, Dalila and I were the youngest amongst this group of women. We enjoyed ourselves so much during the workshop that we decided to take it elsewhere afterwards! We learned more about each person’s background, shared more personal stories and then Paula pulled out the Tarot Cards. As she blessed us with incense, I became extremely stiff. I somehow knew that whatever card I picked up, was going to send goosebumps through my body… I was right. These older women we were interacting with had such an intense energy that as they said every word of encouragement while looking directly into my eyes, I wanted to cry. This was EXACTLY what I needed to lift my spirits and remind me that, I got this!

I decided to cross out the saying because I wanted to keep that to myself. But, just know, I have figured out what my next tattoo will be!

This event pushed me to get out of my comfort zone and find people who are staying in Siem Reap for longer than two weeks. Magically, I found a Latinx restaurant owned by a Colombian family that hosts Bachata and Salsa socials. Me, being the Dominican that I am, made my way over there as soon as I heard of it! Tata- the owner of Latinos Bar and Restaurant is one of the nicest people I have met here! She quickly introduced me to other people who spend a lot of their time in the restaurant and we all became friends very quickly. Although they are much older than me, I am so happy to be building these relationships with them because being near them, makes me feel at home. I am so excited to continue meeting new people to share this experience with!


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