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If you know me, you wouldn’t say that I am a lucky person. I wouldn’t say it either because theres always something unusual or inconvenient happening.

Even though Michelle (Dean Osborn) warned us at least 5,000 times about checking and re-checking our visas… I still have managed to have Visa issues THREE different times!

The first time I had a Visa problem was two days before starting my journey in Cambodia. Right as I was getting ready to print the Visa I realized that my middle name was spelled incorrectly. I was thankfully able to get in touch with customer service and they sent me a new Visa the same day of my flight! So, it all worked out.

Dalila and I had bought flights to Vietnam for the start of September because we needed to renew our Visas. We had paid for our hostel and made plans with the Union students and faculty that are currently on a term abroad in Vietnam. We were extremely excited to go but, guess what happened to us once we arrived at the airport.. WE NEEDED ARRIVAL LETTERS to get on the plane! Through previous research we read that Visas could be applied and paid for in the Vietnam airport but what we did not know was that we still needed an arrival letter before getting to Vietnam. We tried and tried to finesse getting our money back or our flight changed but it was not allowed. This means that we lost those flights without getting reimbursed. Because we needed to leave the country to renew our Visas, we decided to buy a flight to Bangkok which was a wonderful stay but LORDDDDDDDDDDDD, my pockets are crying right now!

Coming back from Bangkok, Thailand was great. Chanthou had managed to help us out and get us a three month Visa which was later going to be extended for another three months. In August, Dalila and I learned that we were going to have a break in the end of September. Since it is our only break we decided that we wanted to go travel and bought tickets to Bangkok. So here we are, getting ready for our next travel adventure and once we get to Thailand, guess what happens… It turns out that Dalila and I were not supposed to leave the country because our three month Visa was only acceptable for ONE entry

We tried not to panic and again applied for another Tourist Visa. This allows us in the country (Cambodia) for another month but I believe that we have to travel outside of the country again and pay for another extended Visa. Let me tell you how I am NOT READY that.

Enjoy these pictures from our last trip to Thailand!

Lets hope there aren’t anymore Visa issues!


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