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Life Update

I genuinely feel like it has been forever since I last posted here!

A LOT has happened since then!

I sort of started working at a fighting club (Angkor Warriors) as a dancer! I say sort of because it really did not last very long. The hours were fine but choreographing, teaching and cleaning the dance pieces were hell because my partner and I had completely different schedules which meant we were practicing at 1am everyday. Although I was super tired everyday, I loved it because I had not danced like that in SO LONG! Just with dancing for two weeks, my body felt amazing. Unfortunately, it didn’t end up working out but I guess that is for the best!

Us after a hip hop piece! I wish I had pictures of our salsa costumes because they were the CUTEST things ever!
I also learned how to dance Kizomba! I have been dying to learn and I’m sad that the instructors were only in Siem Reap for a few days 😦

For the past few weeks, TGC has participated in a few events hosted by the Women’s Resource Center. These specific events have been geared towards raising awareness of violence against women and girls in Cambodia. If you know me, you know that this is something that is very important to me aside from it being my organization’s philanthropy. I was so happy to be part of these events and to have my students learn more about violence against women through different platforms. I love the fact that my students are now getting more comfortable to speak about things such as violence and toxic relationships because these are things that some of them have to witness on a pretty regular basis. I am hoping to continue raising awareness of violence against women and girls throughout my time here. Stay tuned for a future project that I have planned to help our girls!

“Strong Hands”
End Violence Against Women & Girls
Learning about Violence Against Women & Girls through discussions and meditation
Community Clean-up hosted by the Women’s Resource Center!

December started off very busy but still great! I unfortunately had a few set backs last week that threw me off my game for a little bit. Guess who got into an accident?! Yes, you guessed it! ME.

After I bragged about being this star bicycle rider, I got hit by a car while on my way to buy some Christmas supplies. At first, I was so upset with the man for hitting me that I didn’t feel anything else but anger. I think Cambodia was trying to remind me that although I’ve been here for 5 months, I’m not actually a pro in this traffic! After the day passed, everything hurt! My mother & Tyler convinced me to go get checked out and thankfully nothing is broken! I received some pain killers for the soreness but other than that, we are good! I really thought that that was going to be it for my bad luck. Little did I know that the next day was going to be worse! Some events happened that Monday which I won’t write about but just KNOW that I can’t catch a break with my bad luck. Everything is handled and I’ve gotten passed it so everything is back to normal programing!

Dalila and I keep having trouble with our bikes. I thought Luna (my bike) was loyal but I guess not! We are continuously at different shops trying to get them fixed which the people do fix them but by the time we are on our way home, they start acting up again. Maybe it’s time for new bikes?

I’ll end this here. Catch my next post very soon!


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