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HAPPY 2020!

I swore I would upload another post before 2020 but here we are.

First off, Happy New Year everyone! I hope everyone’s end of 2019 was filled with family members, friends and a whole lot of laughter!

Quick re-cap of the end of 2019:

I finally visited Angkor Wat! It only took me five months to get there. So far, this has been one of my favorite experiences. For those who do not know, Angkor Wat is the largest temple complex in the world! It was specifically all Hindu temples which was later transformed into Buddhist temples. The sight was magnificent and although we were there for HOURS, we only had the chance to visit three different temples because they are all so huge! I am planning on visiting again in February and hopefully, I can get through another three or four.

For a few years, I have been trying to use my traveling for a spiritual/religious journey and none of what I have tried has worked! For whatever reason, being here has helped me understand that I do not necessarily need to figure that out yet and that it will come to me (if it ever does) whenever I am officially ready. Just because everyone around me has this figured out, does not mean that I have to or that it is even for me!

Here is a flood of my favorite pictures from this day!

CHRISTMAS came early at TGC!

There are very few christians at TGC, therefore, Christmas is celebrated for commercial reasons and some fun for the kids. We celebrated Christmas the Saturday before so that we did not take time off of the students’ actual school day. For this Christmas celebration, Dalila and I hosted a marshmallow family competition where the students were separated into groups and had to make small families out of marshmallows and other supplies. The most creative family won!

The rest of the day was dedicated to other games including Christmas Bingo, food races and a lot of Karaoke and dancing! It was all fun and games until it got serious after a few students poured decorating sugar ALL over me… That was when the serious competition started šŸ™‚

As your typical Latinx woman, I celebrated Christmas on Christmas Eve with Latinos Bar & Restaurant! Tata cooked an amazing feast and I was so happy to be with people I have gotten comfortable with during a time where I wish I could teleport to be with family. New Year’s Eve was also celebrated there before heading to Pub Street for some fun. I thought Water Festival was crowded back in early November but… I have never ever seen so much traffic in my life. It took us 1 hour to get somewhere that would usually take 10-15 minutes. I was over it.

Overall, my Holiday season was spent well! I wish we had a couple of days off to give me some time to process my feelings and all that was going on.

Nonetheless, here is me being ready for what 2020 has to offer:

I’ve only worn my curls out twice through out my time here. The first time was not very welcoming but heres to being a natural queen in 2020 and not worrying about what others have to say!


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